Cave Story Switch Release Date Announced

Nicalis have officially confirmed the release date for the Nintendo Switch port of Cave Story. It’s going to be released on June 20th, both digitally and phyically, and it’s going to include all kinds of bonus goodies compared to previous versions of the game.

cave story switch release date
Cave Story Plus

In a confusing move, they’ve decided to call it Cave Story +, which is the same as the updated Steam version from a few years back. It’ll have the same name, even though it’s going to have additional features. It’s going to include slight visual improvements, free content through some updates, more challenges (like Boss Rush mode), and some mysterious bonuses. There’s also talk of a coop mode, which will allow you to play through the seminal metroidvania with the help of a friend. The price hasn’t been confirmed officialy, but it’s most likely going to be $30 for either version (which is another can of worms entirely, so we won’t discuss it here).

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If you’d like to give it a try before buying, you can still get the original 2004 freeware version from Daisuke Amaya’s website. It’s in Japanese, so you’ll also have to hunt down a translation. If that’s too much trouble, there’s also an updated version on Steam, which is probably closer to what the Switch port will be like, at half the price. Fans can’t come to an agreement in the matter of choosing the best version, so either one will give you an accurate feel for the game.

The Switch seems to be building up a nice library of third party titles, slowly but steadily. The only issue now is that many of them seem to be old games being repurposed and resold – great news for anyone not really into current developments in the indie space, not so great for everyone else.

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