Horizon Zero Dawn sequel? “More machines”, the developer says

Guerilla Games have had one of the best openers on any of the Sony consoles – this year’s Horizon Zero Dawn. Although the Dutch developer has a long history of working closely with Sony, they have never strayed from the path of graphically gorgeous, but somewhat lackluster FPS games ever since Playstation 2. This year they took a chance on a new IP and they have succeeded – this is the best-selling new IP on Playstation 4.

Those who get the platinum trophy are in for a surprise – a unique wallpaper.

What about the future? Story DLCs are all but confirmed, based on the games current sales, with over 2.6 million copies sold. There has been talk about the sequel as well, although this will take some time to realize. Still, the developers are looking at the feedback, as the game director, Mathijs de Jonge said in a Game Informer interview: “We are looking closely at any critiques as part of plotting out our plans for the future of Horizon.” That’s it, sequel confirmed!

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Jokes aside, a successful new IP deserves a sequel, while the satisfied players will most certainly demand one. Speculation is half the fun, especially when you have the game’s art director discussing what he would like to see in the future game: “More machines. I wish we could have done a hundred. But reality is a harsh mistress; it doesn’t allow you to make hundreds of machines.” We certainly share his outlook on things!

De Jonge also discussed a potential patch that allows Aloy to use even more weapons. Initially they concluded that it was just too clumsy to actually use that many options in the weapon wheel, as De Jonge explains: “the controls got in the way with how quick we wanted the switching process to be; it just got too finicky”. They are playing around with ideas of improving the weapon switching options, but it remains to be seen whether this will receive the green light.

If you have not played Horizon Zero Dawn yet, treat yourself to one of the finest games of this year. And if you ever get stuck or want most out of your game – remember that our huge guides list is waiting!

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