Code Vein Has More Levels Than Just Brown Town, According to Trailer

The new Code Vein trailer puts our mind at ease a bit, as it shows the game has more than one environment. All the previous footage was set in Brown Town, making us think we’re looking at a Call of Duty from the mid-noughties. Thankfully, there’s at least one other location in the game – a blue cave, which we got to see in the new video.

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code vein gameplay trailer
Code Vein gameplay trailer

Now our worries shift to a new target – enemies. Is that ghastly cross between an emaciated elephant and Cthulhu the only opponent we’re going to face? Hopefully not. Actually, sorry – my bad. There are actually two versions of the elephant – one with a cowl, one without. Phew. That’s better.

Apart from the locale, the trailer is exactly the same as the last one. It shows off the protagonist fighting the aforementioned elephants one on one, using various weapons. The same various weapons he used last time. The enemies defend them selves, using the same arsenal they did last time.

Truth be told, the more we see of it, the less excited we are. The game is obviously in very early stages, with only a handful of places, monsters and weapons to show. The questions is why show it, then? Namco should’ve given it at least another year before they started drumming up the marketing machinery, because seeing all this (once a week on repeat, which seems to be their plan) just makes it look poor.

They even seem aware of the response the game is going to get, as comments on the video are disabled, and the likes and dislikes have been hidden from the public. That’s not a good look, even for a Japanese publisher – and they’re notorious for this kind of thick behavior. We’re hoping there’s something more substantial around the corner.

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