Resident Evil 2 Remake Ships 4 Million Copies Worldwide

The remake of Resident Evil 2 has shipped four million copies since it launched a month ago. Damn solid numbers, especially considering the onslaught of games that have come out recently. And, well, it’s safe to say that the success is completely deserved. There’s a lot of love and care poured into the remake, and the reception of the game mirrors it quite well, I’d say.

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Resident Evil 2 Remake Ships 4 Million Copies Worldwide
Resident Evil 2 Remake Ships 4 Million Copies Worldwide

To the surprise of nobody at all, really, the Resident Evil 2 remake is doing really, really well. Even surrounded with the likes of Anthem and the rest of the truckload of games that came out simultaneously. And, now we have concrete evidence of it. According to the Capcom Dev 1 Twitter, they’ve shipped four million copies of the Rezzie 2 remake. Of course, copies shipped does not necessarily equal copies sold, but still, them’s are some great numbers.

Of course, as I’ve said, nobody doubted the success of the remake of Resident Evil 2. Ever since we saw the first glimpses of it, people couldn’t wait for it. And with good reason, to be sure. This wasn’t just an ordinary remake; the developers rebuilt the game from the ground up, and added a ton of new details that made the game even cooler. To name but one, Mr. X. In the original, he appeared at set points, much like Nemesis in Rezzie 3. But in the remake, he stalks you all across the place, making him a truly terrifying presence. That said, it’s really cool to see all that effort come to fruition; it’s well-deserved.

Along with the announcement, Capcom revealed the first developer roundtable video. In it, you can watch the developers talk about the process of making the game; it’s quite fun content, kinda like a DVD extra. You can check the video out below.

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