Cookie Run Kingdom January Update Release Time & Date, Guild Battle Update

January will see a new Guild Battle Update in the Cookie Run Kingdom and we have the update release time & date. The game mode will feature brand new collaborative content. You can build your guild domain together with your guild friends, decorating and updating it. A new guild museum will also be added to house your relics. Read on as we give the Cookie Run Kingdom update release time and date.

Cookie Run Kingdom January Update Release Time & Date, Guild Battle Update
Cookie Run Kingdom January Update Release Time & Date, Guild Battle Update

CRK New January Update Start Time & Date, Guild Battle Update

Cookie Alliance is a new game mode in CRK. Cookies from across the kingdom will unite under the flame of the beacon. Together they will fight off the monster threat in a new game mode.

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Before coming online, the game will be offline for maintenance. This will take place on January 19th. During this time, you will not be able to play the game in any form. Below are the planned maintenance times.

  • 6:00 am until 11 am CET and BST time January 19th
  • 21:00 pm on Tuesday 18th until 2 am January 19th PT time
  • Midnight until 5 am on January 19th EST time

The January Guild Battle Update in Cookie Run will let you explore the Guild Domain and Guild Museum. It will also see the introduction of the Eclair Cookie and the return of the Tea Knight Cookie. With so many new features, the downtime may take longer than advertised.

Each Cookie Alliance battle is going to divide into a series of different chapters. Like most games, you have to fight waves of oncoming enemies. Beforehand, you will have five teams each made of five cookies. Starting with your first squad, you will keep going until your fifth team gets defeated.

To play in this mode, you will need alliance tickets. These will refill over time. They will also remain after the end of the first season, so you can use them in the future. Check back here for more news on the January Guild Battle update in Cookie Run Kingdom and what it has in store.

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    I find the new guild updates too confusing for me. Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to exit my guild. It was so easy before. Can you help me? Thanks

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