Crucible Developers To Hunch Down, Work On Improving The Game

Crucible, the latest free-to-play hero shooter and the second Amazon Games Studios title to come out on a device that’s not a smartphone or a tablet, didn’t have a very successful launch, to put it lightly. The game holds a low, low score of 54 on Metacritic and has 109 viewers on Twitch at the moment of this writing. The present is dire for Crucible but the future might be brighter. The good news is that developers and the publisher aren’t ready to give up. They will try making the game better in the coming months.

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Crucible To Lose Two Out of Three Game Modes, To Postpone First Season Until Game Gets Fixed


The first order of business for Crucible developers is to remove the two out of the game’s three game modes. The two modes in question are Harvester Command and Alpha Hunters. Developers will remove those two modes for the foreseeable future. The one mode that’s remaining, Heart of the Hive, is based around killing a hive heart monster. Two teams of four are battling it out one against another but also against NPCs until the boss monster arrives.

Anyway, the road to turning Crucible into a fun multiplayer title has two phases. The list of improvements included in the first phase contains lots of features that we would expect to find in a multiplayer title. “We’re starting the first phase by developing the features we know we need: voice chat, a surrender option, a system to deal with AFK players ruining matches, an expanded ping system, and potentially some form of mini-map. We don’t have an exhaustive list of changes yet, but those are some of our top priorities,” reads the blog post at Crucible website.

The second phase will see adding “additional systems and polish that will help elevate the Crucible experience.” You can follow the repair process on the developer roadmap page. Don’t know about you but we think that Crucible should’ve had Early Access next to its name. Anyway, it seems that developers believe they will be able to rise Crucible, well, not to the throne of hero shooters but at least to its A league.