Dead Cells Update Adds Castle Level & Hand of The King Boss

Dead Cells, the roguelite metroidvania brawler we enjoyed quite a bit, just got another hefty update. It adds a new area, some new enemies, the actual final boss, a new difficulty setting and a bunch of tweaks in areas ranging from level design to item stats. It’s currently only available in the beta branch, where it will dwell for a week, before it’s released onto the unsuspecting beheaded corpses of the general populace.

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dead cells update castle hand of the king
Dead Cells Update Adds Castle Level & Hand of The King Boss

The new area is called the Castle, and it’s – you won’t believe this – a castle. You know the type – high ceilings, ornate pillars, lavish lighting and over ten thousands statues in every room. It comes with two new enemy types unique to the environment – a knight with a massive greatsword that can perform whirly attacks and a skellington with a long, purple-tipped spear.

The new boss is called Hand of The King, and he’s the worst of the worst, the ultimate challenge you’ll face. He’s armed with a glaive and a shining fist, wrapped in gleaming armor. If you’re a veteran, you probably won’t be to fazed by the new baddie. That’s why the update contains a whole new difficulty setting – nightmare. That’s its name, but also, according to the devs, it’s a literal nightmare. If you decide to give it a go, you should “book an appointment with the nearest doctor, because something is definitely not right with you”.

When it comes to tweaks, Tactics on the whole has been nerfed. It will now give you less HP, and won’t affect most grenades. Dodging has been reworked so as not to interrupt your combo when you perform it. They’ve cut a bunch of stuff from Ossuary, Fjord, Sepulchre and Graveyard, making them shorter. There are also some new weapons and skills, but they were uncharacteristically silent in that regard.

If you want to see the full list of changes, along with some mesmerizing gifs, you should check out the Steam community post.

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