Deadhold Coming to Steam Early Access, Development Plan Detailed

Deadhold, a real time strategy by Dark Quarry Games, is going to launch on Steam Early Access on August 25th, 2017. It’s going to be sold for $20 at this point. The game is currently in Alpha, and players will be able to try out both the solo and coop campaign, as well as competitive multiplayer.

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Deadhold RTS on Steam Early Access With Development Plan Details
Deadhold RTS on Steam Early Access With Development Plan Details

Deadhold is a fast, action oriented, tactical RTS, set in a world where a dark blight threatens all the living races. Your goal is to deal with it, and find those responsible for its creation.

According to the developers, they plan to keep the game in early access for about one year. It has been in development since the studio was first formed, and they don’t plan on rushing it. Once the game is ready to go live, it will contain 16 full missions in the story-driven campaign, five difficulty tiers, and competitive multiplayer.

You might ask yourself what is included in this early access alpha. At launch, players will get to try out:

  • The first campaign mission, Unexpected Welcome
  • One horde map, named Crucible, where players fight through waves of AI monsters
  • One multiplayer map (Killing Time) which supports several game modes like King Of The Hill, Territories, and Deathmatch.

Early access plans include releasing two SP/COOP campaign missions within 2-4 weeks after initial release. This should continue every few weeks. As for the multiplayer, new maps and game modes are going to be added on a regular basis – there is an eight player map already in the works.

A lot of players see the resemblance between this game and Myth (1997) or Dawn of War (2009). The developers mentioned the strategy layer will be mixed with leveling, loot and item systems from games like Diablo and Path of Exile.

Deadhold is Dark Quarry Games’ first title. The independent studio was formed back in 2014, and they’ve been working on Deadhold for three years now. Some of the games its members have worked on before include Homefront, Battlefield, Area 52: Blacksite, and others.

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