GOG Piñata Madness Sale Offers Discounts, Free Deadlight

Another week, another sale. Get your games CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. This time it’s GOG.com that’s hosting the discount extravaganza, and aside from lowered prices, there’s a free game in it if you hurry, as well as some weird loot crates with games inside. Honestly, I’m getting too old to keep up.

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gog pinata madness
GOG Piñata Madness sale

First of all, free stuff: during the next 48 hours, you’ll be able to grab a free copy of Deadlight. It’s the director’s cut, too, but I can’t be bothered to look up what that means exactly. What you need to know is that Deadlight is a game with exceptional parkourment in a zombie wasteland, some impressive backgrounds to look at and a script so terrible it pains me to talk about it. It’s good stuff, if you can forgive/ignore the writing.

Then there’s the piñatas. Here’s how they work: you chuck $3 into the void and get a piñata. Then you click on it to smash it, but instead of candy you get a game. There are 100+ games inside, and there’s no chance of getting something you already own. The good people of GOG (goog people) assure us that the games in the pool are their favorites, so there should theoretically be no chance of getting a trash game. Then again, they specifically mention Heroes of Might and Magic 5, and that’s pretty much a trash game. The value of these games can range from $6 to $45, which means you’ll save money whatever you get. On the other hand, since GOG is not the only digital store in the universe, you might easily end up with a game you already own on Steam or somewhere else. Like all loot boxes, luck plays a part. Here’s the piñata FAQ, if you want more details.

Finally, if you want some cheap games without the dice roll, lots of stuff is on sale. Stuff like Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Invisible Inc, Darkest Dungeon, Soma, Shadow Warrior 2… if you’re in the mood to spend a few bucks, you should definitely check it out. The sale will end on August 21st, so you’ve got a week to get some nice stuff.

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