Death Coming Free on Epic Games Store Until May 14th

This week’s free game on the Epic store is Death Coming, a puzzle game where your job is to kill people through absurd chains of events. It’s going to be free until May 14th, after which it will be replaced by a mystery game. So, if you’re a huge fan of the Final Destination movies and overly complicated, hilarious deaths, this one is for you.

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Death Coming Free on Epic Games Store Until May 14th
Death Coming Free on Epic Games Store Until May 14th

So, what exactly is Death Coming? Well, as you can see in the trailer we’ve embedded below, it’s a “non-linear puzzle game.” You play as a man who died and became a Reaper, aka an agent of Death itself. Your job is to, well, reap souls for your boss. However, you are not allowed to control humans directly due to the Free Will Clause. What you can do, however, is manipulate their surroundings in order to cause their death. All the while, you have to avoid the Minions of Light that are trying to save your victims.

Basically, if you were to describe Death Coming as a loose adaptation of the Final Destination franchise, I’d say you’re right on the money. And, as the video demonstrates, the kills can get wildly over-the-top in extremely entertaining ways. It runs the gamut from toppling over boxes, to unleashing a giant ape to run rampant. There’s also my favorite kill in the trailer, where you scare one guy to fall out of the window onto a gurney, which catapults a bottle of oil onto a grill, burning a bunch of people to death.

I’m a huge fan of games like these that revel in their dark sense of humor, so I’ve already secured my copy. If you want one, too, you have until March 14th to get it for free via Epic (it’s also on Steam, but not for free). Hopefully, it’ll be able to replace the Plague Inc-shaped hole in my heart. I’ve kinda soured on that one this year.

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