Disintegration Announces Free Weekend on PC, PS4 & Xbox One

Private Division and V1 Interactive are hosting a free-to-play weekend in Disintegration. It’s going to take place from July 30th to August 2nd on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. During the free weekend, players will have full access to the game’s single player, as well as all three multiplayer modes. You’ll even get to experience the benefits of the game’s latest patch.

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disintegration announces free weekend on pc ps4 & xbox one
Disintegration Announces Free Weekend on PC, PS4 & Xbox One

So, first off, what is the schedule of the free weekend? As it turns out, it’s not going to be happening at the same time across all platforms. So, here’s a handy list to show you when you can play Disintegration for free.

  • PlayStation 4 – Thursday, July 30, 18:00 CEST to Monday, August 03, 18:00 CEST (requires PlayStation Plus)
  • Xbox One – Thursday, July 30, 21:00 CEST to Monday, August 03, 08:59 CEST (requires Xbox Gold)
  • PC / Steam – Thursday, July 30, 19:00 CEST to Monday, August 03, 19:00 CEST (no extra requirements)

As we’ve already stated, you’ll have complete access to the game’s full content, single player and multiplayer. Plus, all the progress you make can carry over if you opt to purchase the full game during or after the free weekend. Plus, the game will be on a 40% discount during the proceedings on every platform, so there’s that. The game also has a new update that you’ll experience, in which they tuned Gravecycles, improved the UI and VFX, multiplayer matchmaking and party management, etc.

So, there you have it. If you’ve been observing Disintegration from the sidelines since it launched a month or so ago, here’s a great chance to give it a shot and see if you like it. The game labels itself as a “a sci-fi FPS combined with RTS elements,” in which you pilot a weaponized Gravcycle while commanding your troops on the ground. If that sounds like something you might like, give it a whirl. You’ve got nothing to lose, really.

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