Dragon’s Crown may be Coming to PS4

Atlus was probably saving a big announcement for the Tokyo Game Show but it seems their banner ads have beaten them to the punch.

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The banner that launched a thousand hot takes.

A banner on their NicoNico stream was noted to advertise pre-orders of the game’s limited edition for PlayStation 4. The “leaked” banner shows the image of the game’s elf character and reads “PS4 Dragon’s Crown Pro” and “Preorders for Limited Version Begin!”

Atlus is expected to make a big announcement at their panel at the Tokyo Game Show, and this just might be the one. The fact that the new release of the Dragon’s Crown hasn’t been advertised anywhere else, lends credence to the theory that this was an unintentional leak and that they’ve announced it ahead of schedule.

The game was originally released in 2013 for PS3 and PlayStation Vita to positive critical and customer reception. It’s an old-school, side-scrolling beat ‘em up, similar to old arcade titles like Golden Axe and Shadow over Mystara. Players can choose one of the six playable characters, each representing a standard fantasy archetype, such as the dwarf, the amazon or the wizard.

Unlike those games, Dragon’s Crown featured map movement and allowed players much more control over the characters levelling and weapon upgrades. The players are even joined by some NPCs, Ranni the thief and Tikki the Fairy, who guide them to secret areas and open locked doors and chests – thus giving them access to more loot and hidden locations that branch from the standard path in the dungeon.

Dragon’s Crown supports up to four-player multiplayer with crossplay possibility between PS3 and Vita. Perhaps this version will allow PS4 owners to join the party?


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