Final Fantasy XV Just Got a New Cutscene with The Royal Edition

Final Fantasy XV is getting a new DLC pack today. It’s called Royal Edition, and it’s a pricey package that adds some new fishing spots, a free-roaming boat, the Armiger Unleashed tech, and even a new cutscene. The cutscene takes place in Insomnia, and it involves Lunafreya and a bunch of magical creatures.

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ffxv royal edition new cutscene
FInal Fantasy XV Just Got a New Cutscene with The Royal Edition

The cutscene starts after you’ve beaten Cerberus, in the final chapter of the game. Turn back now if you don’t want to see spoilers. Your crew is standing in front of the Wall, slowly being cornered by the horde of monsters. While Noctis thinks about all the people who gave their lives to make this moment possible, Luna appears behind him, out of thin air. She blesses Noctis, then Gentiana appears, saying Luna’s prayers have been answered.

The camera cuts to a shot of the top of the tower, where Ramuh materialises among the clouds. He summons bolts of lightning to strike down the monsters approaching the heroes. As he deals with the enemies, Shiva flies in from the city and starts freezing the Wall. Then Leviathan bursts through the ground and starts to coil itself around the building.

Titan joins the party and quickly smashes the Wall with all his might. As even that isn’t enough, the golden dragon Bahamut also joins forces with the other summons. He hovers high above the city as he shoots the barrier with his lazer beam, which finally breaks through the thing and makes it crumble.

In the final scene, Noctis thanks Luna for her help. She reminds him that he’s responsible for the fate of the entire world. They try to run into each other’s arms, but right when they’re about to touch, she disperses into the air.

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