Evil Genius 2 Announced, Still Early In Development

Rebellion have announced Evil Genius 2, the sequel to the popular management game from 2004. It’s still early in development, the dev having started working on it this Spring, but it’s going to happen. Most importantly, it’s a proper sequel, and not a free to play Facebook cash-in. Which they felt the need to mention, since they’ve already made a free to play Facebook cash-in. It did not end well.

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evil genius 2 announced
Evil Genius 2 announced

So, why the wait, since they’ve had the IP rights for forever? In their own words, they originally intended to ride the Kickstarter wave and ask fans for many to make the project a reality. The idea didn’t sit well with them, though, and after they’ve pushed out the last two Sniper Elites and the Zombie Army Trilogy, it turned out they could fund it themselves, without asking for money on the side.

It’ll be interesting to see how things pan out – Evil Genius being a management game, and Rebellion being the studio best known for letting you shoot Hitler in the nuts. This will be the first time their Asura engine takes on a real time strategy, so there’s some tweaking that has to be done. They also mention expanding the team, presumably with people who have experience with this sort of game.

In case you’re not familiar with it, the orignal Evil Genius was a strategy/management game in which you took on a role of a Bond villain. It was basically Dungeon Keeper in spy pulp clothing. It task you with building up a lair and working towards world domination, while fighting off government agencies with silly names like SABRE, HAMMER and SMASH.

Evil Genius 2 will be released at a point it time still unknown. It will definitely be coming to PC, but other platforms aren’t out of the question yet.

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