FFXIV Housing Lottery Bug Explained

The latest FFXIV Patch 6.1 introduces Housing Lottery System where players can win houses, but unexpectedly, after the result announcement period for the housing lottery sales, there were no winners. The following messages appeared – The winning number is 0, or there were no participants in this lottery. So, let’s see what what we found out about FFXIV Housing Lottery bug?

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ffxiv housing lottery bug
FFXIV Housing Lottery Bug Explained

FFXIV Housing Lottery Bug

During the last few hours there are many posts on the FFXIV reddit, that indicate problems with Housing Lottery. Developers stated that the issues affect all housing plots in the game, not just the newly released Ishgard district. Some houses are showing the winning bid to be number 0, which is impossible result. On the other hand, other plots are showing a message that there were no participants in the lottery. Unfortunately, no one win many plots and we really hope that plots without winners will be rerolled, and players will get their lands. At the time of writing this article developers didn’t provide any fix to FFXIV Housing Lottery Bug, but they pointed out two important facts:

  • The results period which was previously set to end on April 20th is being extended without a definite end date.
  • The next lottery cycle will not begin until the current investigation has concluded.

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