Friday the 13th Physical Edition Release Date Revealed

Gun Media has announced the launch date for the physical edition of Friday the 13th: The Game. The release date couldn’t be more serendipitous. Not only is the physical version of Friday the 13th coming out in October, the month of Halloween, but it will launch on Friday the 13th. The physical edition comes with an exclusive Bloody Jason skin and a Counselor Clothing pack.

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Friday the 13th Physical Edition Release Date Revealed
Friday the 13th Physical Edition Release Date Revealed

The launch of Friday the 13th might have been marred by severe server issues and a myriad of technical bugs, but the developers have been working hard to solve these problems, and the game is more or less running fine now. Even the Xbox One version got patched; better late than never. It seems that the time is coming for the next leg of the game’s life cycle: the digital release.

As the reveal video below says, the physical edition of Friday the 13th will launch on the most appropriate day possible – Friday, October 13th. The physical version will cost $40, and it comes with everything from the digital version, plus some exclusive content. Said content includes a Bloody Jason skin “for all playable Jasons” and a Counselor Clothing pack, containing outfits for all playable counselors.

Fans weren’t too pleased with the news. Never mind the fact that some features, such as single player, are missing from the game; the announcement mentions nothing about whether or not people that preordered will get the exclusive stuff. Illfonic and Gun Media were already in hot water when it comes to exclusive content after making skins that were supposed to be Kickstarter-exclusive available for everyone.

Well, developers have answered this question on the game’s official subreddit. As we can see in this post by Chody__, there are two versions of the Bloody Jason skin, one for the digital and one for the retail version, and both will be free. A comment on another thread, written by ThePraetorian, confirms that physical backers of Friday the 13th will get both sets.

You can check out the Friday the 13th physical launch announcement video below.

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