Games saves lives – this Elder Scrolls Anthology especially

You have probably heard people saying how “this and this game” saved their life when they were sick, lonely, depressed or working too hard. These are all great examples of how necessary is the escapism and how good at it games are, however, this time we are talking about a proper, real, life-saving.

elder scrolls anthology bullet
The bullet almost went all the way through.

Reddit user RabbitMix showed off yesterday how he found a bullet in his Elder Scrolls Anthology. Sitting at his computer and minding his own business (playing Prey, actually) he heard a loud sound and saw a dust cloud emanating from his Elder Scrolls Anthology collector’s item. Much to his surprise, the packaging was damaged and by turning over the pages, he found a bullet lodged in the Morrowind expansions. The collection literally took a bullet for him!

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The collection is pretty thick, it must be said, since it contains all the Elder Scrolls game: Arena (needs a DOS emulator), Daggerfall (also needs a DOS emulator), Morrowind (with Tribunal and Bloodmoon), Oblivion (with Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles), and Skyrim (with Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn). Luckily he did not settle for less or else that bullet might have found its way through.

It remains unclear as to how the bullet ended there or where it came from. RabbitMix suggests it was an accidental discharge from the neighbors gun. Not sure if he should move house straight away or not if his neighbors are that careless when it comes to gun safety.

On the plus side, Bethesda has offered to send him another copy of the Elder Scrolls Anthology, and he has accepted. We could say that this story has a happy ending. Just be safe out there and protect yourself with various editions of your favorite games!

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