Steam talks current improvements and steps for the future

Robin Walker of Steam put out a blog post today explaining the plans and problems that Steam store has, both now and in the future. It lists the successful things as well as problematic and talks about goals that they have set for themselves.

Digital Homicide’s Slaughtering Grounds was one of the asset flips that ended up being publicly ridiculed.

One of the main, if not the greatest, problems is the fact that the spectrum of users is huge and covers everyone from those who are there just for the AAA hits to those who are looking for hidden gems or specific niche games. Some users want to have the games as soon as they are able, in early access, while others do not. And let us not forget those who rely on the connection to an online community when gaming, while others prefer the joys of solitude.

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Walker also points out that developers come in different shapes and forms as well, some of them already having huge fan bases, while others are struggling to show off their games. There are also developers who need or want early feedback, while others are actually focusing on a specific niche and that is what they are best at.

He also talked about the inner workings of the Store and the things that they want to achieve in that area – showing the players the games they think they would like to see, based on interests, previous purchases and the like, and what they are doing in order to improve their algorithms.

In future posts Walker promises to discuss probably the most interesting change in Steam’s future, which is the Steam Direct’s publishing fee, which should discourage the constant rise in games that are just “asset flips” for making a quick buck. If you would like to take some time and peruse the original material, you can find it here.

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