Gearbox sends G2A a list of demands after backlash

Gearbox is trying to market and sell Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. They went to G2A, a popular, if shady, online key seller. This decision was not deemed very popular among players and some were very vocal about it. This included the well known youtuber, John Bain, aka TotalBiscuit. In the aftermath of this absolute storm, Gearbox worked with TotalBiscuit to produce a list of terms for G2A.

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The list of demands includes time-based items. To start with, within 30 days the company is supposed to make G2A Shield (their fraud protection) free for everyone instead of keeping it behind a paywall. All customers need to be notified by April 14th about this. Also within 30 days, there should be a restructuring of the payment system used, so that the users have a clear idea what they are paying for and there are no hidden charges.

Within 60 days, non-certified developers or publishers should be throttled in a manner that stops them putting large quantities of stolen goods sooner than they could be flagged. Within 90 days, G2A has to open their web service so that developers and publishers looking for fraudulent keys could find them and remove them. It goes without saying that this too should be free.

G2A had issues throughout 2016 regarding fraud accusations and the company developed quite a bad reputation. They have tried to regain developer trust in 2016, putting in a new policy regarding a system-wide system of key-checking. They have also offered development studios up to 10% royalties from key sales and even offered a checkout option that would allow the users to give more money to the studio if they desired so.

Bulletstrom: Full Clip Edition is the remaster of the action-heavy FPS from 2011. The game received solid reviews but never really hit it off, so this remaster might be coming at a right time, with Doom 2016 having paved the way of FPS games other than military shooters.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip is out as of today for PS4/PS4 Pro, PC and Xbox One.


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