GOG.com Halloween Sale Now Live, Includes Darkest Dungeon & More

The Halloween Sale on GOG.com is up, for all of those that are craving some scary games this season. The sale, which will last for one week, will bring a bunch of horror games to GOG Connect, and offer deals on over 200 games and bundles.

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GOG.com Halloween Sale Now Live, Includes Darkest Dungeon & More
GOG.com Halloween Sale Now Live, Includes Darkest Dungeon & More

The GOG.com Halloween Sale is now live, and it will last until Thursday, November 2nd, 10 PM UTC / 6 PM EDT/ 3 PM PDT. That’s a full week in which you’ll be able to enjoy some pretty great deals on select scary games, add a number of horror games to your library via GOG Connect, and even score a free game if you spend enough money. Also, every Halloween bundle will be a completion bundle, allowing you to save even more money if you get all the games in any given bundle.

So, what are the details of the sale? To start off, while the GOG Halloween Sale lasts, you can get Tales of the Borderlands for free if you spend $15 or more (amount may vary between regions, you’ll get the code via email when you reach the required sum). Also, almost thirty horror games are coming to GOG Connect, the service that allows you to connect your GOG and Steam libraries. These games include SOMA, Layers of Fear, Amnesia, Hand of Fate, and many more.

Finally, and most importantly, the actual deals. The Halloween sale on GOG includes over two hundred games in the roster. A lot of these you’ll be able to get in bundles, and the discounts go up to 90% on certain items. These include a D&D bundle featuring Ravenloft and Forgotten Realms (66% off), Hotline Miami (80% off), classic Quake and Doom games (66% off), The Suffering series (20% off), Darkest Dungeon (60% off), The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (80% off), and a whole bunch of others. So, if you’re starving for some scary games this Halloween season, head over to GOG.com and see what you can find.

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