AC Origins How to Level Up Fast - Best Ways to Get XP

Leveling up in Assassin’s Creed Origins makes your character stronger. Every time you get enough experience to gain a level, you’ll receive an ability point to invest into your skills. Playing through the game at the intended pace will give you enough XP to finish the main challenges. Of course, if you want to level up quickly, there are better ways. We’re going to share some of them with you in our guide on how to level up fast in AC Origins.

ac origins how to level up fast earn xp
AC Origins How to Level Up Fast – Best Ways to Get XP

How to earn XP quickly?

If you want to earn EXP quickly, you shouldn’t focus on the main story. The main missions are quite long, and finishing them takes time. Side quests are a much better choice – some of them are extremely short, and they will reward you with nice amounts of experience. There’s a bunch of them in every area – just look around and talk to NPCs.

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You’ll be spending a lot of time in combat. Depending on your style, you should invest in an ability that increases XP gain for stealth or overpower kills. The increase isn’t much when you look at a single kill, but it quickly adds up. You’ll constantly be murdering things, it stands to reason you’d want as much rewards for it as possible.

As is tradition in Ubisoft games, clearing locations and points of interest will also reward you with XP. This means learning how to quickly clear different types of POIs. For example, you clear tombs by getting to the ancient tablet and inspecting it – everything else is just filler. Solving stone circles is an easy way to get some XP too, as is dealing with papyrus puzzles. It all boils down to doing activities that can be finished quickly.

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