Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon Locations

Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey are the main way to progress through the game. They are collectibles scattered through each kingdom and sometimes they are very well hidden. Each kingdom you visit needs a certain number of moons found to unlock the next destination. You will first get main story quest related moons (this usually progresses the story until you free the kingdom) then you can find other moons that are not part of the story. Lastly, after you beat the main story, you’ll be able to reveal additional power moons that help you unlock end game bonus kingdoms and outfits (for those that want to 100% the game this is the way to do it). At this time there are 880 moons to be found, when counting multi moon as 3, or 836 collections to be done. We are compiling guides for locations of power moons in each Super Mario Odyssey kingdom and you will find links to them in the list bellow as well as some general information.

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Power Moon List per kingdom

Here’s a table of all kingdoms with how many moons you can get before you finish the main story and how many you unlock afterwards, along with totals. If you see a link that will take you to that kingdom’s moon locations guide with detailed explanations and screenshots for each collectible we found. Some kingdoms are boss rush areas and are more about getting multi moon from defeating the boss with just a few hidden moons. Others have a huge number of hidden ones.

KingdomRegularEnd GameTotal
Note: At first this is a tutorial area, but you can return to it once you progress through the story enough or in end game
Cascade Kingdom Power Moon Locations251540
Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom Power Moons692089
Lake Power Moon Locations33942
Mario Odyssey Wooded Power Moons542276
Note: Boss arena
Lost Kingdom Power Moons251035
Snow Power Moon Locations371855
Mushroom 104104
Dark Side 2424
Darker Side 11
Total: 836

How to get Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey

Most power moons in Super Mario Power Odyssey are hidden in the open world and can be found by solving puzzles or breaking objects that hide them. There are several that are consistently found in other ways. You can purchase one moon at the shop in each kingdom. Doing racing challenges and repeating them at a higher difficulty will reward one each time. Beating bosses rewards a multi moon each time and you will be able to re-fight all bosses once again for multi moons after you finish the main story. If you find Captain Toad he will reward you with a moon in each of the worlds. Toaddete in Mushroom kingdom gives you challenges (and indeed – most of the moons in that kingdom are rewarded by Toaddete challenges), like throwing cappy 5000 times, and reward you for your efforts. Once you beat the game Princess Peach can be found in each world for an easy moon. Some characters require you to have certain costume to talk to you and give you the collectible. We discuss all of these and more in our per kingdom power moon guides so be sure to check them out.


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