Absolver Equipment and Character Customization Trailer Released

Devolver Digital and Sloclap have shown what character and equipment customization look like in Absolver. These options don’t only affect your look, but also your performance on the field of battle, and more.

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Character customization begins with choosing your origin, sex, haircut and hair color. Origins tell stories about your history and change the color of your skin. There are six of them: Ice Marshes, Orate, The Tear, Uring, Lake Ripa, Karshi.

Since the players are faceless, hidden behind customizable masks, you’ll have to do with choosing your hair style and color. There are haircuts like straight, attached, parted, frizzy, brush cut, braided, wild, smooth slick. The hair colors are marked with numbers.

Equipment customization options let you choose your armor pieces – shoulders, trousers, gloves, shoes, belt, overtop, undertop, elbow, mask. Each item has its own stats, including weight and protection against blunt and cut attacks. They will affect your mobility and damage, and some of them even become more efficient when used with certain attacks. The items can be found when you defeat others in combat trials or outdoors. Each item has its own description, revealing some of its history, and giving us a bit of lore. For example, here’s the Prospect Mask:

Mask given by Guides of Prospects who come to Towerpoint without having carved their own. Some say the broken eye was made in homage of Simeon’s scars.

Absolver Equipment and Character Customization Showcase

Absolver is an action fighting role playing game, and it’s set to go live soon, on August 29th, 2017, on PC and PlayStation 4. The game was made in Unreal Engine 4 and it’s going to be sold for $30. If you pre-order, you’ll get it with a 10% discount, setting the price to $27. You’ll also get to enjoy the Labyrinth Prospect Mask and Uring Priest Gear Set. The special reserve edition is limited to 3250 copies. It contains the Prospect Mask, a 52-page artbook, Absolver Stickers and the Uring Priest Gear Pack DLC.

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