Guardians of Cloudia Codes

Guardians of Cloudia is the newest game from developer NEOCRAFT. In this anime-inspired game, you take on the role of a Skywalker. These warriors battle the forces of the Abyss which threaten to destroy the city of Cloudia. You can choose to be one of five classes in Guardians of Cloudia: Archer, Oracle, Mage, Rogue, and Swordsman. The Archer is the undisputed master of ranged combat. The Oracle is similar to the Cleric class from most RPGs and can heal and summon. The Mage deals elemental damage to his foes. The Rogue is a stealthy assassin. Finally, the Swordsman is your standard Fighter class focusing on melee attacks. Besides these classes, you will also be able to collect more than 100 pets. These are divided into Earth, Fire, and Wind types and change as they evolve. To help make starting your new character a bit easier, here are some Guardians of Cloudia codes you can enter.

Guardians of Cloudia Codes

Guardians of Cloudia Codes

Guardians of Cloudia currently has one code that you can enter. Before we tell you what this code is, we first have to point out that we are not at fault if this code doesn’t work for you. The developer reserves the right to enable or disable these codes as they please. With that being said, here is the Guardians of Cloudia code:

  • GOC777 – When you enter this code (we’ll explain how in a bit), you will receive the following: 100,000 Goldleaf, 100,000 Silverleaf, and x10 Sacred Windbell

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How to Redeem Guardians of Cloudia Codes

The code isn’t case sensitive, so you do not have to worry about capital letters when you input it. Here’s the entire step-by-step process:

  • Start Guardians of Cloudia and create a new character.
  • Begin the Tutorial and play it until you see the Benefits icon appear.
  • Tap or click on this Benefits icon (it should be next to the map).
  • Go into the the Redeem Codes tab.
  • Enter GOC777 in the Pack Code Redemption section.
  • Tap or click on the Exchange icon.

And that’s all there is to it. You have now successfully activated your Guardians of Cloudia codes. Until next time – happy gaming!

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