Hellion Update 0.2 Gets Cinematic Trailer, Launches June 22nd

Hellion is getting Update 0.2 soon, on June 22nd. Developers Zero Gravity games are preparing to roll the patch out, and they also made a cinematic trailer to introduce bits of the setting and the story to the players. In the video, we can see that humanity’s conquest of space has gone horribly wrong, and you’ll have to survive using your wits.

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Hellion Update 0.2 Gets Cinematic Trailer, Launches June 22nd
Hellion Update 0.2 Gets Cinematic Trailer, Launches June 22nd

Zero Gravity Games is preparing to roll out a major update for their sci-fi space survival game Hellion. We’ve written before about Hellion Update 0.2 and what it will improve in the game itself. The developers have also prepared a cinematic trailer, which throws a couple of hints about the story and setting of Hellion. Here’s a description from Zero Gravity Games directly:

Set in a distant future where mankind is no longer confined to Earth, the new Hellion cinematic trailer gives viewers a glimpse of the disaster that struck humanity’s attempt to build the first interstellar colony. Beginning with intimate shots of the crew’s quarters—scattered personal belongings floating through the cabins—the trailer hints at the dark force that drove the colony and its inhabitants to the brink of extinction. Set against the backdrop of a looming sun, the odds of survival are made clear amidst the desolation and vastness of space. With humanity’s descent into fear, anger and violence, Hellion’s cinematic trailer suggests that maybe the stars really are better off without us.

That is the situation you’ll find yourself once you boot up Hellion. You’ll have to face the cold, uncaring vastness of space with nothing but the bare essentials. You’ll have to scavenge and explore in order to obtain more resources and survive. Eventually, you’ll be able to rebuild your space station, and even cooperate with other players. Beware, though, because other players can be just as big of a threat as your surroundings. You can check out the full cinematic trailer below.

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