Heroes of the Storm - Improvements to Chen's Trait In the Next Update

Heroes of the Storm hero Chen will receive a slight improvement to his trait in the next update. The information about it was posted by the senior game designer Matt Villers, and its importance was also emphasized on the official Twitter.

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Heroes of the Storm Improvements to Chen's Trait in the Next Update
Heroes of the Storm – Improvements to Chen’s Trait In the Next Update

The exact Blizzard forum post talking about the changes to Chen was written more than a week ago. It cried for a bit of love for Chen. The main concern was how easy it is to stop Chen’s trait. Considering that all his spells and ability to survive come from the trait, the post made a good point on how easy is to stop him.

The big changes, including large-scale talent updates for Chen, are not planned for the near future, according to Matt Villers. The one they have planned will try to fix the problem with Chen’s trait interruption. One of the suggested solutions for this problem was to give Chen the ability to move while channeling the trait. However, this was out of the question, as it would have made him too powerful.

In an upcoming patch, Fortifying Brew will change to grant 25 Brew immediately when Chen starts drinking, and then 30 Brew per second after that (down from 40). It will still take 2.5 seconds to reach max Brew just like before, but with a big chunk of that front-loaded it should be a lot less frustrating when you get interrupted early.

This update is already live, but on Chen’s website page. There changed trait is already listed, along with new information. This is the case with the other heroes and their expected changes.

Chen Stormstout made his appearance in Nexus on September 10, 2014. He was one of the three heroes that was revealed during Gamescom 2014, alongside with Anub’arak and Azmodan. Until now, he went through more than ten hero changes. The last significant one happened back in October last year.

In the next updates, the players can also expect to play a new hero. After Alexei Stukov, the next Heroes of the Storm hero is Garrosh Hellscream. The first Garrosh gameplay footage will come from ChinaJoy at the end of this week. The current date for his PTR appearance is July 31st.

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