Hitman 3 Launch Trailer Shows Off New Locations & Targets

The devs at IO Interactive have released the launch trailer for Hitman 3, the third Hitman game in their Hitman trilogy. Don’t let the name fool you – it’s actually the eighth game in the series, but only the third in this latest arc. They’re calling it the World of Assassination, which is quite fitting, since it’s all about traveling around the globe looking for people to drown in a toilet bowl. This game will conclude the trilogy, and it’s just around the corner – it’s supposed to launch on January 20th.

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hitman 3 launch trailer
Hitman 3 Launch Trailer Shows Off New Locations & Targets

The places we’ll get to visit as Bald Barcodeman include:

  • Dubai – High above the clouds, on the top floors of Burj Something-or-other.
  • Dartmoor – Thronbridge Manor, more specifically. It’s a lavish Victorian estate in one of the most haunted counties in all of England.
  • Berlin – We’re going to visit a rave in a warehouse in the outskirts of Berlin.
  • Chongqing – A Chinese city that looks like it crawled out of a cyberpunk novel, dripping with neon lights.
  • Mendoza – Argentinian vineyards with lots of lavander bushes to hide in.
  • Carpathian Mountains – Romania, the place where it all started! Maybe we’ll get to see the asylum again?

Of course, there’s no major spoilers in the footage, but if you’ve played the previous two games you know where this is heading. Forty Seven, and his buddy – let’s call him Forty Eight – are looking to get even. Whether they manage to do so or not remains to be seen, but there’s bound to be another twist or two before the finishing line.

You can watch the trailer in full here, or, if you’re looking to go in blind, just wait a couple of days more and you’ll be able to play it on PC, Playstations 4 and 5, Stadia, Switch and several thousand Xboxes.

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