Humankind, Civilization Competitor From Creators Of Endless Space, Has Been Delayed For 2021

2020 has been filled with delays of popular titles and Humankind is the latest game to suffer one. The game, a turn-based strategy in the vein of Civilization, is being worked on by Amplitude. This is the developer team behind excellent strategy titles such as Endless Space and Endless Legend. The team’s original plan was to release the game sometime during 2020 but plans have changed. Amplitude posted a new blog on their platform announcing that we’ll have to wait a bit longer for Humankind to arrive.

Humankind Delayed For 2021, Will Gather Fan Feedback Via OpenDev Initiative

Humanking Open Dev

“Over the past few weeks, many of you have been asking how the current health situation has affected the Amplitude team and the development of Humankind,” reads the post, explaining that the team “made an early decision to transition into a working-from-home environment, and with the help of SEGA, we were able to accelerate this process efficiently, and the development of the game has been progressing steadily since.”

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But the current situation affected Amplitude like it affected every other development team on the planet. After much thought, the team behind the game has “decided that in order to deliver the game of ours [sic] dreams, to move the release of Humankind to 2021.” This is bad news for fans but, as always, it’s better to get a great game that has been delayed than an okay game that arrived on time.

Fans will be able to try out the game before it arrives, but not as an Early Access title like previous games from Amplitude. Humankind will instead use something called OpenDev. It looks like an early access platform where fans should have more say in the development of the game. Those interested can read more on the OpenDev blog. The gist is that fans will be able to play three different scenarios of the game. They will be able to post their feedback in a “more streamlined way” compared to a classic Early Access title. If you want to try Humankind early, you can register for OpenDev access on the OpenDev blog of the game.

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