Destiny 2 AFK Forge Farm - Umbral Engrams

Umbral engrams are a new loot container in Destiny 2. They were added in the Season of Arrivals, and you can actually influence the outcome of the decoding process with them. That and the fact they’re new has made them extremely popular with the player base. Everybody wants as many of them as possible. There’s an easy way to farm them, but you’ll either need a full fire team of people dedicated to it, or the readiness to accept the guilt that comes from ruining somebody’s forge run. This guide will show you how the Destiny 2 AFK Forge farm works, to help you get those umbral engrams.

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destiny 2 afk forge farm umbral engrams
Destiny 2 AFK Forge Farm – Umbral Engrams

How to farm umbral engrams in Forge?

It’s pretty simple – forges have a chance of rewarding you with umbral engrams even when you lose, so you can just enter a forge, not play at all and maybe get one. Literally the only input required from your side is queuing for a forge match.

Obviously, doing that will utterly ruin the match for your unwitting teammates. If you’re OK with that, just go ahead with the plan – jump in, come back later to get your loot and jump in again, then repeat the process until you’re sick of it.

If you don’t want to be that guy, and you really shouldn’t want to be that guy, there are ways to protect the innocent from your farming. First off, you should form a fire team with like-minded individuals. Once you’ve teamed up, you should all equip gear around level 750. If you don’t have any, you can get engrams of that value from Master Rahool. You can also get a Mark/Bond/Cloak at around level 21 from your collection, as well as one of the seasonal masks, to further lower your light. That way, your chances of being paired with legitimate players will be minimized.

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