Humble Jumbo Bundle 9 Has Samorost 3, American Truck Simulator

Humble Jumbo Bundle 9 has gone live earlier today. Despite the title, the selection of games isn’t particularly big, but there’s some quality stuff in there. More games are going to be added next week, which could justify the moniker.

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humble jumbo bundle 9
Humble Jumbo Bundle 9

The pay-what-you-want tier will net you three games (there’s a $1 minimum if you want Steam keys):

  • The Flame in The Flood – A rogue-lite survival game in which you travel down a river through broken America on a raft. You have to scavenge for resources, craft tools and weapons and keep your head firmly planted atop your shoulders.
  • Infested Planet – A mix between a tower defence and a twin stick shooter. You’ll command a team of elite Earth soldiers, defending what’s ours from grubby aliens that mutate over time.
  • Human: Fall Flat – A physics-based puzzle platformer in which you play a guy called Bob. Not enough games let you play as a guy called Bob.

If you pay more than the average (which is a bit under $5 at the time of writing), you’ll receive:

  • Verdun – A competitive mutliplayer FPS set in World War One. It boasts a whole lot of authenticity.
  • Samorost 3 – A point and click adventure game with organic puzzles, a heart-warming story and breath-taking art. You’ll also get the amazing soundtrack album by the amazing Floex.
  • Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide – It’s basically Left 4 Dead: Warhammer. A team of players fights against a bunch of tricky, AI controlled opponents.
  • Several other mystery games, which will become available next week

Finally, if you decide to splurge, you can spend $10 and get American Truck Simulator. It’s made by the same folks who did Euro Truck Simulator. Word on the street is, it’s every bit as calming and charming. There are new truck models, the roads and regulations are different, but it seems to scratch the same itch ETS2 did.

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