Iconoclasts Coming Soon, This Time For Real (Maybe)

After seven years in development, Iconoclasts is nearing release. Several digital stores now have a page dedicated to it, hinting at a 2017 launch. It was already close to release several times in the last couple of years, promptly becoming the indie game that cried wolf. Is it really coming this time?

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iconoclasts coming soon

Iconoclasts is a metroidvania made by Joakim Sandberg, aka Konjak. In it, you play as Robin, a young mechanic in a world where the vocation was forbidden by the theocratic government. It’s an offence punishable by death, so she has to escape, regain her wits, gather allies and organize a counterattack. An alpha demo was released back in 2012, and it’s still available on Konjak’s site. I’ve played it way back when, so the details are all a bit fuzzy, but I do remember liking it. A lot. It’s proper metroidvania, one that would make Symphony of The Night proud.

According to the official description, it’s going to take around 15 hours to finish, with 10 areas to explore and more than 20 bosses to defeat.

Since it was originally announced back in 2011, the game came close to release several times, only to go back into development. This time, things are different – at least I hope they are. Internet sleuths have noticed the game’s page pop up both on Steam and GOG. The former lists the release as “2017”, while the latter simply says “coming soon”. There’s also the fact that Sandberg has been uploading short gameplay clips onto his Youtube channel for the last couple of months.

The PC isn’t the only platform Iconoclasts will launch on – it’s also going to be on Mac, Playstation 4 and the PS Vita. Soon, hopefully. Since Switch is now a thing, maybe we’ll see it there too, but there’s no official word of a port at this point.

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