FFXV Episode Prompto DLC Extra Gameplay Footage Revealed

You can shoot with bazooka in FFXV Episode Prompto, which is coming out on 27th June, 2017 on all platforms worldwide. I don’t think there is more you need to know in order to get excited for it. If you still want more, though, here is some of the information that we’ve picked out of the Episode Prompto extra gameplay footage.

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Episode Prompto Gameplay Trailer

We can guess that the trailer kicks off at the start of the episode. Prompto finds himself inside a facility, presumably Zegnautus Keep from the main game’s Chapter 13. The new outfit is looking nice on Prompto. You might remember this outfit from the various showcases of this episode. There is one at the start of the Guest Composer Trailer. If you listen carefully, you can hear just for a bit the theme song that is a work of composer Naoshi Mizuta, who worked on games like Final Fantasy XI and XIII-2. It really sounds amazing.

It’s going to be interesting to find out how Prompto got himself here. At the start of the video, as soon as he goes through the first door, he says: “Was he telling the truth about this place?” as he gazes upon the enemy soldiers in the distance. My feeling is that Ardyn Izunia lead him in, in a faked attempt to help Noctis in some way, but we’ll see…

FFXV Shoot With Bazooka in Prompto's Episode Coming on 27th June

FFXV Episode Prompto Details

Here’s some of the information we’ve managed to gather from the video.

  • The handgun will never run out of ammo. It also doesn’t require aiming like the rest of the weapons.
  • You can shoot mid-rolling and while dodging. You can also perform a roll-dodge to evade attacks, or crouch down to take cover behind objects.
  • Prompto can also use a melee weapon – the Audax Blade.
  • Approach an enemy undetected to deliver a stealth-kill. Perform stealth-kills on imperial soldiers to steal their weapons.
  • The weapon’s crosshairs will turn orange when an enemy is in your sights, and turn green when you target an enemy’s weak point, such as the head.
  • Vulnerable enemies are temporarily incapacitated. Capitalize on this opportunity and land a powerful strike. When you use this strike, it will deliver a devastating crackshot. You can also approach a vulnerable enemy and deliver an overkill strike and steal their weapon as well.
  • You can steal stray weapons strewn about the facility for extra firepower.
  • There are explosive objects inside the factory that you can detonate to inflict damage on nearby enemies.
  • Some of the weapons we’ve seen in action are: the handgun, the Audax Blade, the Rapidus SMG and the Alea Bazooka.

In the end, it feels like we can’t escape some of the elements of Episode Gladiolus, such as the achievement for collecting all items, the Score Attack challenge and more.

This is not all that’s coming on June 27th. Players will also be happy to know that the free update will roll out somewhere around the same date. The free update will include Regalia Type-D, which you can drive off-road almost everywhere you want, Noctis’s “Cup Noodle Style” headgear, and more.

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