Dying Light: 10 New Free DLCs in a Year-Long Plan

Techland’s masterpiece Dying Light will get ten new free DLCs over a twelve-month period. This campaign will launch later this year, as a part of Techland’s continuous support for the game. To make it worth the wait, the first update (which might not be a part of the free DLC program,) labeled as Content Drop #0, will launch in the coming weeks.

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Content Drop #0 brings new enemies to the game. They are not new zombies, but heavily-geared humans. It will be interesting to see their place in this world and how they react to it. More importantly, how we can get the stuff they have.

Dying Light was released on January 27, 2015 and it sill has a solid player base. According to Techland’s CEO Pawel Marchewka, these numbers are around 400.000 on a weekly basis. The fact that, in the first months after launch, the game’s player count was somewhere around the 700k mark says a lot about the game.

The 10 free DLCs will bring new locations, story-driven quests, gameplay mechanics, weapons, mysteries, enemies and more. These updates will be available on all platforms, not just for the PC players.

We’ve really had a lot of fun playing Dying Light. The freedom and the setting are really colorful and fun to experience. Not to mention the expansion Dying Light: The Following and all its treasures, like the buggy paint jobs, bobbleheads and charms, new weapons, maps and much, much more. It is no wonder that players recognized the quality of this game.

Paweł Marchewka’s words says it all: “Continuous support means also more updates, gameplay tweaks, and community events. As we firmly believe in active collaboration between the design team and players, we hope this announcement will encourage our fans to share their thoughts, stories, and ideas about how we can improve their experience even more.”

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