Insider teases a soft reboot for Assasin’s Creed: Empire

A little more than a month ago we talked about the accidental leak revealing the name of Assassin’s Creed: Empire at a Swiss retail page. Nothing else has been mentioned since then, however some inside info confirms that the game will be different.

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Previous leak showed the name of the game at a Swiss retailer’s website.

The info comes from a trusted twitter personality shinobi602, and talks about a story that is more self-contained and easier for new players to join. This again plays into the previous talks of the Empire being set in ancient Egypt. No one really knows what has been going on there at the time the pyramids were being built, so there is plenty of room for the writers to be creative and bring about some changes to the routine. After all, Black Flag was probably one of the best loved AC titles in recent memory, and it was praised for mixing things up. It felt like a new game, but also an Assassin’s Creed at heart. With a “soft” reboot, Empire (if it still is called Empire in the end) has an opportunity to be a smash hit. After all, it’s not that the audiences out there do not crave more Assasin’s Creed – it’s that they want it to be awesome as well.

Rumors also include an open-world setting and, as many are doing these days, it is supposedly inspired by the Witcher 3‘s approach. Of course, it is never a bad thing to look up to Witcher games, but on the other hand, developers should be careful not to end up just copying. After all, ancient Egypt is a great setting of its own, and should be treated with respect.

In the wake of news about Ubisoft being taken over by Vivendi, one hopes that the game gets announced before (and if) this takeover business takes place.