JiDion Twitch Ban is Permanent

The JiDion Twitch ban is permanent at the moment, as the situation with Pokimane escalated. By that, I mean people though his initial, limited-time ban wasn’t a strong enough punishment for encouraging his viewers to raid Pokimane’s stream. That is, indeed, against Twitch TOS, but equal rule enforcement does seem to show its face here.

jidion twitch ban is permanent
JiDion Twitch Ban is Permanent

Why Did JiDion Get Banned on Twitch

JiDion got banned on Twitch because he incited what has been described as a “hate-raid” on Pokimane, and the ban is now permanent. Basically, he encouraged his viewers to go and type “L + Ratio” in her chat, which led Pokimane to end the stream early. Basically, she noted that JiDion’s viewers where whispering and generally harassing her audience, so she shut her stream off. However, before doing so, Pokimane made sure to note that his actions were likely against the Twitch TOS. And, well, it seems that she was right, because JiDion got a fourteen-day ban.

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That was then. Now, it seems that Twitch has gone a few steps further, and have made the ban permanent after people complained the punishment wasn’t severe enough. That’s where we’re at as I write these lines; the situation might change in the future. I say this, because Pokimane has recently just gotten a slap on the wrist for steaming entire episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender. If the JiDion Twitch ban is permanent, and she gets a brief suspension for a really egregious copyright violation, I think people are gonna be pretty miffed, to say the least.

Then again, Twitch, like YouTube, has a history of protecting their golden children from any real consequences. And they make so, so much money from having Pokimane. So, on the whole, we’ll have to wait and see what happens from here. JiDion has made his case over on Twitter, and it’s now in Twitch’s hands.

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