Journey PC Launch Trailer Shows Game's Splendor & Glowing Reviews

The artistic plarformer, Journey, is officialy no longer a PlayStation exclusive, starting June 6th. It is an Epic Games Store, which is causing… some negative reaction from the gaming community, as you might expect. I hope that’s not gonna impact the game’s sales, because it should be beloved by all.

Journey PC Launch Trailer Shows Game's Splendor & Glowing Reviews
Journey PC Launch Trailer Shows Game’s Splendor & Glowing Reviews

As we’ve covered in a previous article, Journey, a former PlayStation 3 / PS4 exclusive is now available on PC. The PC launch trailer features some beautiful footage from the game, and excerpts from reviews which glorify the game. There’s 10/10 everywhere, and even a list of “game of the year” accolades. This should be more than enough to at least cause some curiosity among people that haven’t played Journey yet, for one reason or another. It was, after all, a PlayStation 3 exclusive when it launched. The PlayStation 4 did better than 3, but by then, other games kinda overshadowed it. And that’s a pity.

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Now, you might be asking yourself; if the game is so great, why are there so many dislikes compared to likes on the video? Well, it’s because the PC version of Journey is an Epic Games Store exclusive. Now, as I’m sure you know already, that comes with its own baggage. And, no, I’m absolutely not going into that here. All I’m gonna say is that it’s a shame that such a great game is getting negative attention just because of the platform it ended up on. It deserves nothing but love.

So, yeah. Bottom line; Journey is a wonderful experience of a game that one should experience, just to see what the medium of video games has to offer. It absolutely deserves all the praise heaped upon it. If you can look past the fact it’s on the Epic Store, you should absolutely give it a spin.

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