Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Closed Beta Release Date

Several new Kingdom Hearts games have been recently announced by Square Enix. As part of the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Announcement, the games that were revealed were: Kingdom Hearts IV, Kingdom Hearts Union X Dark Road, and, of course, Kingdom Hearts Missing Link. The good news is that there is going to be a Closed Beta for Kingdom Hearts Missing Link, and we are going to talk about its release date right here. So let’s dive right into it.

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Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Closed Beta Release Date

When is Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Closed Beta

Currently, we do not yet know the exact date when the Closed Beta for Kingdom Hearts Missing Link is going to start. What we do know is that it will occur sometime in 2022, on iOS and Android mobile devices. Additionally, it will be limited to specific regions. Again, we do not yet know which regions these are going to be. As soon as we find out more, we will update this article with new information.

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Trailer

You can see the full Kingdom Hearts Missing Link trailer down below. The Missing Link section starts at around the 2:00 minute mark. As you can see, not much is currently known about this upcoming mobile title. Even the video comes with a disclaimer that we are looking at the footage in progress, and that it is subject to change.

Here’s what the voiceover says in the trailer: “Light and darkness brought about the beginning, and hearts nurtured it. Life was passed down time and time again, until the land was filled with thriving people. This is a city for light and darkness, dreams and distortion, the remembered and the forgotten – Scala ad Caelum. The Missing Link. Here, people gathered to be a part of a whole, in societies that sprawled and branched like like veins through the city. The night you awoke in this world, the stars shone contorted in the pitch-black sky.”

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