LawBreakers is Available Now on PC and PlayStation 4

The multiplayer first-person shooter LawBreakers is now available on PC and PlayStation 4. After three years in development and thirteen alphas and betas, everyone can now enjoy this fast-paced shooter for the base price of $30. To play it on PS4, you’ll need an active PS Plus subscription.

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LawBreakers as we know it now was first mention was back in 2014. It was known then as Project BlueStreak. Now, more than three years later, players can buy and enjoy the game outside of its numerous alpha and beta testing events. The game had thirteen of these events on Steam and PlayStation 4 during this period. According to their numbers, more than 700.000 players participated.

LawBreakers is the debut title of the Boss Key Productions team. The North Carolina video game studio was founded back in 2014 by Cliff Bleszinski and Arjan Brussee.

In this game, ten people play in two teams, named Law and Breakers. To win the match, players must complete the match objectives. The game features a solid number of unique characters, each equipped with distinct movement skills, abilities and weapon combos.

Some of the post-launch features players can expect to see are:

  • First Week Exclusive Weapon – Play in the first week after launch and you’ll receive exclusive weapons for Assassin and Wraith. The Assassin nabs Kinetic Blades for her Arc Blade weapon and Wraith equips the Wasp Short Sword.
  • Harrier Sunshine joins the fight – Long-range support specialist, capable of dealing a pinpoint stream of high-energy damage from a distance, Harrier also provides allies with a resupply point for them to rally towards.
  • New Maps – Two brand new maps have been added to the rotation: Trench and Red Falls.
  • New Game Mode: Occupy – In Occupy, you’ll take a zone by force, and hold onto it for as long as you can, even as your opponents try to dislodge you and occupy it for themselves.

LawBreakers is Available Now on PC and PlayStation 4
LawBreakers is Available Now on PC and PlayStation 4

The base core edition of the game costs $30. It comes with 18 characters, 9 roles, 8 maps and 5 five game modes. All future roles, maps, modes and non-cosmetic content updates are included in this price. The second in line is the Deadzo Deluxe edition that costs $40. Additional items included here are 6 exclusive boss tier character skins, Hadronium blue weapon skins, 3 exclusive deadzo weapon stickers, and a unique account portrait. The most expensive is the $70 Collector’s edition, which is currently unavailable.

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