Zelda Map of Shrine Locations

Map of all shrine locations in Zelda: Breath of the Wild is something that we realized was missing from our All 120 Shrine Locations guide. When we first wrote that article, it felt natural that we divide them up into regions as we were progressing through the game. After finding all 120, we were so overwhelmed by that fact that we completely forgot to include a map with all of them in one place.

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This map is the product of the blood, sweat and tears of our very own esteemed Lokesh. He decided to make it so that you can easily cross-reference it with your in-game map and see if you’re missing any of them. As you can see, he also clearly numbered all the shrines, and we’ve listed all 120 of them below so that you can find them more easily. So, no more division by regions, this is the whole thing in all its glory.

Zelda Map of Shrine Locations
Zelda Map of Shrine Locations. Click for full size

  1. Keh Namut
  2. Owa Daim
  3. Ja Baij
  4. Oman Au
  5. Bosh Kala
  6. Wahgo Katta
  7. Hila Rao
  8. Shee Venath
  9. Ree Dahee
  10. Shee Vaneer
  11. Ha Dahamar
  12. Kam Urog
  13. Ta’loh Naeg
  14. Daka Tuss
  15. Toto Sah
  16. Lakna Rokee
  17. Myahm Agana
  18. Muwo Jeem
  19. Chaas Qeta
  20. Yah Rin
  21. Korgu Chideh
  22. Kah Yah
  23. Tawa Jin
  24. Shoda San
  25. Qukah Nata
  26. Shai Utoh
  27. Pumaaag Nitae
  28. Ka’o Makagh
  29. Shae Katha
  30. Ya Naga
  31. Ishto Soh
  32. Shoqa Tatone
  33. Rota Ooh
  34. Dah Kaso
  35. Jee Noh
  36. Dila Maag
  37. Key Noh
  38. Dako Tah
  39. Daqo Chisay
  40. Misae Suma
  41. Raqa Zunzo
  42. Hawa Koth
  43. Tho Kayu
  44. Kema Zoos
  45. Suma Sahma
  46. Korsh O’hu
  47. Kema Kosassa
  48. Keeha Yoog
  49. Kuh Takkar
  50. Sho Dantu
  51. Sasa Kai
  52. Joloo Nah
  53. Monya Toma
  54. Zalta Wa
  55. Sheem Dagoze
  56. Mogg Latan
  57. Mijah Rokee
  58. Shae Loya
  59. Toh Yahsa
  60. Maag No’rah
  61. Tena Ko sah
  62. Akh Va’quot
  63. Sha Warvo
  64. Rin Oyaa
  65. Sha Gehma
  66. Qaza Tokki
  67. Hia Miu
  68. Maka Rah
  69. Voo Lota
  70. Dunba Taag
  71. Gee Ha’rah
  72. Lamno Kooh
  73. Rok Uwog
  74. Goma Asaagh
  75. Shada Naw
  76. Bareeda Naag
  77. Rona Katcha
  78. Kah Okeo
  79. Mozo Sheno
  80. To Quomo
  81. Keo Ruug
  82. Maag Halan
  83. Daag Chokah
  84. Kuhn Sidajj
  85. Ketoh Wawai
  86. Mo’a Keet
  87. Sah Dahaj
  88. Tah Muhl
  89. Mirro Shaz
  90. Qua Raym
  91. Kayra Mah
  92. Daqa Koh
  93. Shae Mo’sah
  94. Shora Hah
  95. Gorae Torr
  96. Tu Ka’loh
  97. Zuna Kai
  98. Tutsuwa Nima
  99. Katosa Aug
  100. Ritaag Zumo
  101. Ze Kasho
  102. Dah Hesho
  103. Kah Mael
  104. Ke’nai Shakah
  105. Dow Na’eh
  106. Tahno O’ah
  107. Jitan Sa’mi
  108. Mezza Lo
  109. Rucco Maag
  110. Shai Yota
  111. Ne’ez Yohma
  112. Dagah Keek
  113. Soh Kofi
  114. Sheh Rata
  115. Kaam Ya’tak
  116. Katah Chuki
  117. Noya Neha
  118. Saas Ko’sah
  119. Namika Ozz
  120. Kaya Wan

For those that need a reminder, shrines in Breath of the Wild are mini-dungeons. There are 120 of them scattered all across the map. Completing them is absolutely crucial to your in-game progress. Beating them grants you spirit orbs, which you can then use to upgrade your health and stamina. Shrines are tricky little buggers, which is why we’ve included the link to our full Zelda Shrines guide above, where we detail where they are and their solutions.

However, finding some of them can be a puzzle in and of itself. That’s why we’ve created two more guides, with further in-depth instructions. In our Zelda BOTW Kass secret shrines guide, you’ll find out how to solve the obtuse puzzles given to you by the accordion-playing bird-man Kass. Not content with that, Breath of the Wild even has seemingly random NPCs give you weird riddles in the form of stories and rhymes. If you need help solving those, head over to our Zelda BOTW secret shrine locations guide.

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