Main Xbox One exclusives: Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves

The reveal of XBox One X showed off a powerful, sleek machine that will be sold at a well-thought out price for the quality it offers. Will it succeed in attracting enough attention without enough exclusives that would justify the added price?

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Microsoft has moved on from actual exclusives and has obviously been cultivating another approach to gaming, trying to join the two eco-systems it has a vested interest in – XBox and Windows, and through it, PC. Most of the games will be out on their console and PC and perhaps a short time after they will reach PS4, if not before. However, the following three games could be considered closest to the real meaning of exclusives.

Crackdown 3 is continuing the well-known open world action-adventure game with destructible environments and Terry Crews is very excited about it. Initial announcements came up when Microsoft was still talking about “cloud computing” and the “power of the cloud”. It would appear that they now have enough power with XBox One X.

State of Decay 2 might not look as great as some of the other titles, but it is an open world zombie game, so that might go with the territory. Gathering survivors, building a community and surviving are things that don’t need to look that good, just feel.

Sea of Thieves is one of the most interesting games shown at Microsoft’s E3 conference. It is a “shared world adventure”, where you play with other people as pirates who are trying to get to treasures. You will need to be able to fight off enemies, escape sharks, solve puzzles, steal loot and engage in (simple) naval combat with other players. It seems like a lot of fun, as you can see below, but a real gameplay trailer is yet to be revealed.

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