Mario Golf Super Rush All Characters

Mario Golf Super Rush is the newest entry in the long-running Super Mario franchise, and this Nintendo Switch exclusive has all sorts of characters you can play as. Of course, this isn’t an ordinary golf game. While you can compete in the Standard Golf mode, you will also be able to play other wacky modes as well. These include the usual Nintendo shenanigans, meaning that you and your friends will have the option to race after the golf ball or engage in a battle golf arena. There is also a sort of career solo mode, which will see you go from rookie to pro. Future free updates are also planned.

Mario Golf Super Rush All Characters

Who Are All The Characters in Mario Golf Super Rush

There are seventeen playable characters, ranging from fan favorites such as Mario and Yoshi, to lesser-known ones like Rosalina. Here’s the full list:

  • Mario. Special Shot: Super Star Strike. Special Dash: Moonsault Dash.
  • Luigi. Special Shot: Ice Flower Freeze. Special Dash: Speed-Skate Dash.
  • Wario. Special Shot: Lightning Blast. Special Dash: Jet-Pack Dash.
  • Waluigi. Special Shot: Slim Stinger. Special Dash: Dance-Off Dash.
  • Peach. Special Shot: Spiral Stinger. Special Dash: Ribbon Dash.
  • Daisy. Special Shot: Blossom Strike. Special Dash: Pinwheel Dash.
  • Yoshi. Special Shot: Eggschanger. Special Dash: Egg-Roll Dash.
  • Donkey Kong. Special Shot: Burly Strike. Special Dash: DK Dash.
  • Bowser. Special Shot: Meteor Strike. Special Dash: Volcano Dash.
  • Bowser Jr. Special Shot: Smokeball. Special Dash: Bullet Bill Dash.
  • Boo. Special Shot: Mischief Twister. Special Dash: Carousel Dash.
  • Rosalina. Special Shot: Shooting Star. Special Dash: Luma Dash.
  • Pauline. Special Shot: Songbird Stinger. Special Dash: Diva Dash.
  • Toad. Special Shot: Super Toad Strike. Special Dash: Tumble Dash.
  • Chargin’ Chuck. Special Shot: Scrimmage Stinger. Special Dash: End-Zone Dash.
  • King Bob-omb. Special Shot: Bob-ombs Away. Special Dash: Kaboom Dash.
  • Mii Character. Special Shot: Power Stinger. Special Dash: Power Dash.
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