Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Release Date Revealed, Eight New Characters

The sixth installment in the main series, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, got a release date. It’s scheduled to launch on Tuesday, September 19th. Capcom also revealed eight new characters that will appear in the game, both from their side and Marvel’s. They also unveiled who the main antagonist of the game is.

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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Release Date Revealed, Eight New Characters
Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Release Date Revealed, Eight New Characters

Fans of the legendary fighting crossover series can finally mark their calendars. It’s official – Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite will be coming out in early fall. September 19th, to be exact. The game will launch on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Capcom also unveiled eight new playable characters.

On Marvel’s side, we’ve got Hawkeye, Thor, Rocket Raccoon and Hulk. As for Capcom, we can look forward to playing as Chris Redfield, Chun-Li and Strider Hiryu. We also found out who the main villain is – it’s Ultron, and he’s also a playable character. The famous Marvel villain has made an alliance with Sigma from Mega Man X over their mutual hatred of living things. Using the Infinity Stones, the two have fused together into Ultron Sigma. Now, heroes and villains from both universes have to band together and defeat the new threat.

There will be several different editions of the game available. The $90 Deluxe edition will include the 2017 Character Pass, which will feature “all six additional post launch characters including Sigma, the main antagonist from the Mega Man X series.” The game will also have a Collector’s Edition, for the PS4 and Xbox One only. This edition will cost $199.99, and you’ll get the game in SteelBook packaging, a case with six Infinity Stone replicas, and four premium character dioramas for Chun-Li, Iron Man, Captain Marvel and Mega Man X.

If you preorder the game in North America, you’ll get the Evil Ryu and Warrior Thor costumes, while preordering the Deluxe Edition will also get you Command Mission X and Gladiator Hulk costumes. Preorder bonuses for other regions have yet to be announced.

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