Prey How Long To Beat - Just The Story & 100% Completion

Prey is a first person shooter set on a space station. The station is designed in such a way to encourage exploration, so there are many ways to play the game. You can just race from one objective to another, pushing the story to its conclusion as fast as possible. You can explore the sub-plots and mysteries of the ship, or you can try to explore every avenue that opens up, collecting everything there is to collect. Depending on how you approach it, the game’s length can vary. Read on to see how long it takes to beat Prey.

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prey how long to beat
Prey how long to beat

How long is Prey?

According to Ricardo Bare, the lead designer of Prey, playtests have shown that people in average needed around 16 hours to beat the game. This probaby means that if you just want to see the main story finished, you’ll need about 12 or so hours, maybe even less. He also mentioned some people took up to 22 hours to finish.

It all depends on how much the player is interested in things outside the main plot. It wouldn’t surprise us if 100% completion took about 30 hours – collectibles to find, emails to read, abilities to unlock, secret places to visit. And that’s without counting backtracking and getting stuck, reloading a tough enemy encounter, etc.

Prey supposedly offers the same freedom of approach other Arkane Studios’ games do. This means that completion times would also vary depending on your play style. Going in guns blazing is bound to be quicker than sneaking around, relying on intricate ability combos and scouting the ship for alternative routes.

You should also take into account achievements – there will probably be one for finishing the game on each difficulty setting. Something like this could require you to beat the game several times before you unlock the platinum trophy.

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