Minecraft Championship Pride 2022 Start Date & Time, How to Watch

Don’t know where to watch Minecraft Championship Pride 2022? This viewer’s guide will give you all the information you need to know. MC Championship (MCC) Pride 2022 this time has a special theme, as it will celebrate Pride month (June). This will be the twenty-seventh tournament in the series. Organized by Noxcrew, MCC enters its eleventh year as by far the biggest community-driven Minecraft event. Read on to learn about the MCC Pride start date and time, stream, teams, and everything else.

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Minecraft Championship Pride 2022 Date & Time, How to Watch

When is Minecraft Championship Pride 2022 Start Date & Time?

The MCC Pride 2022 is set to kick off later this June. The Minecraft Championship Pride 22 will take place on Saturday, June 18th, at 7 pm CEST / 8 pm BST / 3 pm EST / 12 pm PST. Expect the tournament to last for at least a couple of hours, as there will be a multitude of challenges for players to partake in.

Teams will compete in eight different minigames including parkour, survival, combat, and more. After each discipline, they will be rewarded coins based on their performance. When teams finish all minigames, the two teams with the most coins will battle in a grand final. There is no prize pool, rather participating streamers will donate all their earnings from streaming MCC Pride 2022 for The Trevor Project and mental health support for the LGBTQIA+.

How to watch Minecraft Championship Pride 2022 Stream

As always, the MCC Pride 2022 will be broadcasted live on the official TheNoxcrew Twitch channel, which is the best way to watch if you want commentary, info and other details. However, all participating content creators will also be allowed to stream on their channels. Thus, you’re also able to watch the event on their private channels. Read on to learn about the teams.

All Minecraft Championship Pride 2022 Teams

The event organizer has now officially revealed some of the invited teams and content creators. Below, you will find the list of all currently revealed teams and players. We will learn about other teams on June 8th.

  • Red Rabbits
    • Dream
    • GeorgeNotFound
    • KarlJacobs
    • Foolish Gamers
  • Orange Ocelots
    • Illumina
    • InTheLittleWood
    • Snifferfish
    • ElainaExe
  • Yellow Yaks
    • Smajor
    • Grian
    • Shubble
    • GeminiTay
  • Lime Llamas
    • Krtzyy
    • Spifey
    • Ponk
    • Eret
  • Green Geckos
    • Valkyrae
    • Ludwig
    • Sykkuno
    • Lazarbeam
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