NES Classic Coming to Best Buy, Might be Last Chance to Grab One

In what might be one of the last opportunities to get one, Best Buy will be putting a limited amount of NES Classics on sale today. You’ll only be able to pick one up in brick-and-mortar stores; they won’t be coming to online ones. There’s no more specific information, other than the items will be available while stocks last, so be on your toes.

NES Classic Coming to Best Buy, Might be Last Chance to Grab One
NES Classic Coming to Best Buy, Might be Last Chance to Grab One

A limited number of NES Classic consoles will be going on sale in Best Buy. There’s only a limited stock of them, so whoever still wants to get one will have to act quick. They’ll only be available in physical stores, so you’ll have to get out there. Some stores might use a ticket system to try and circumvent any shopper madness, like the one that surrounded the NES Classic around Christmas. Since that means that they’ll try to maintain a first-come, first-serve system, you’ll have to be really fast.

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This might end up being one of the last opportunities to get your hands on an NES classic. In a move that’s still very mystifying, Nintendo confirmed that the mini-console will be discontinued very soon, despite how many people still want one. People are speculating left and right as to why Nintendo would do something like that. The official reason is that the company doesn’t want to hurt the sales of the Switch, but that explanation seems pretty off.

One of the possible reasons is the SNES Classic, which is now in the works. Whether or not that will also be critically understocked like the NES, we’ll just have to wait and see. Another very probable reason for this is because the NES Classic got hacked in no time at all. This allowed people to simply load whatever ROM you wanted.

Be that as it may, if you still want to get a NES Classic, head to your Best Buy.

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