NES Classic Mini is gone, SNES version in the works

Nintendo’s moves are sometimes hard to figure out. The new Switch is a total hit among gamers, selling out like hot cakes, with one of the best launch games in the shape of Breath of the Wild. On the other hand, they have had notoriously low number of NES Classic Mini units to sell ever since the beginning. Last week, they have cancelled the production of any more of them. To top it off, there are rumors on the SNES Classic version as well.

SNES North America
SNES original North American version was slightly different to the European and Japanese one.

NES Classic Mini has been a short-lived wannabe sensation. It featured a cute little mini version of the console, the original controller (with a cable too short for…well, anything, really) and 30 games. The choice of games was, of course, source of much debate, but with a limited release of this kind, it was bound to be. The original price was $60, however, e-bay re-sellers have been at it since the beginning, enjoying the scarcity of the product. Currently, the prices hover around $250.The weird thing is – why would Nintendo not want to sell more of them?

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Perhaps they do not want to stop people from buying their new console? But Switch is really topping off sales charts, and people who were not able to buy one even went for the Wii U in order to get their new Zelda fix.

On top of all this, according to some sources, Nintendo will launch the SNES Classic Edition some time in 2017. They might even be hitting those Christmas shelves. One of the most famous consoles of all time, playing it hard on the nostalgia market, what could go wrong? Well, apart from Nintendo deciding you can have too much of a good thing and just cancelling production 6 months after launch.

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