Call of Duty: WWII leaks show release date and co-op story

Going back to series roots is not always a bad thing. Seeing how CoD has certainly been trying to bore itself out of existence with annual releases of increasingly “modern” FPS titles, the move to go back to WWII is a definite refreshener. Still, many fans see it as a “forced” move, since the main competitors over at Electronic Arts have done quite a move away from modern day with Battlefield 1 set in the Great War.

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The leak comes on Xbox One box art so no beta exclusivity deal this time with Sony.

New leaks regarding the freshly announced CoD: WWII show some marketing materials that claim that the single player campaign will land players in Normandy on D-Day (where else?) and proceed to various other famous battlefields of World War II. The interesting part is that the material also claims there will be a co-op mode which “a new and original story…next-level standalone game experience full of unexpected, adrenaline-pumping moments”. Does this mean that there will be a standalone co-op section, as opposed to previously just adding co-op to the sp campaign? If yes, it would be quite a bold move, but people do love their co-ops.

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The next big deal in the leak is a seemingly unimportant Friday – November 3rd. This does not come as a big surprise, after all, CoD launches in November pretty much like clockwork. The bit that says that pre-ordering yeilds a private beta is also pretty much common practice these days.

Call of Duty moving back to WWII certainly makes you wonder how are they planning to pull off that cinematic universe they have been talking about a couple of weeks ago. Are we to expect various timelines or generations of people battling it out through the ages? More is to come on April 26, with the worldwide reveal.

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