Nintendo says NES mini will make a comeback next year

Nintendo has launched the very successful Switch this year. It has so far achieved success probably beyond Nintendo’s expectations and we are seeing many new games coming to this platform. However, Nintendo is also bringing back one of the classics.

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The game that gave birth to the legend…of Zelda…appears on NES Classic Mini.

NES Classic mini was being sold last year, but there seemed to always be less units out there than was needed. The prices reached seriously high levels on E-bay and the like and Nintendo never managed to get enough minis to satisfy the demand. Something similar happened to Switch in the early days, as well. NES mini featured 30 games without the ability to expand the list. The package also included one original controller with a short cable and not much more. With the original price of $60, it was still a bargain, but the lack of availability made the prices soar up to $250.

This year will see the rebirth of SNES, with SNES Classic Edition, which should start being available at the end of this month. The revamped SNES features less games than NES mini, only 24, but not a lot of people could argue against the chosen games, with classics such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Mega Man X, Super Metroid, Super Mario World and Super Mario Kart, as well as Donkey Kong Country and Final Fantasy VI.

Nintendo is expected to continue supporting SNES Classic well into 2018, as well as make a comeback for the NES. Nintendo spokesperson told Eurogamer recently that they are “happy to confirm that we’ll continue to ship stock of the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System to Europe in 2018. In addition, next summer we’ll also bring the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System back to Europe. More information will be shared in the future.”

Nintendo might be playing on nostalgia, but NES and SNES Classics are interesting products and it is nice to see the company supporting them more.