Nintendo Switch eShop Credit Card Info Storage Added

Owners of the Nintendo Switch can finally opt to store their credit card info after buying a digital download, according to Nintendo Everything. The feature had been missing from the Switch eStore since launch day, and it has been one of the major issues that players have been complaining about. Nintendo’s support page, however, still says that the feature is unavailable.

Nintendo Switch eShop Credit Card Info Storage Added
Nintendo Switch eShop Credit Card Info Storage Added

Recently, Nintendo Everything broke the news that the Switch eStore finally allows you to save your credit card data after a purchase. Nintendo had announced prior to launch that the feature will be unavailable at launch, leaving many people puzzled. It’s not like the Nintendo Store hadn’t had its share of problems before; this was, however, even more ridiculous.

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Now, a full two months after the Switch launched, it seems that the feature is finally up. According to Nintendo Everything, you’ll be able to save your credit card information after buying a digital download. Customers can then view their stored Account Information. There’s also the option to either enable or disable a password requirement for the displaying of your account information when buying something.

Interestingly, the new feature seems to have appeared without any prior announcement from Nintendo. It didn’t even come in an update, it just kinda popped into existence. Don’t believe me? Even the Nintendo Support page isn’t up to speed yet. It still says: “There is not currently a way to save or store credit card information to your Nintendo Account in the Nintendo Switch eShop”.

Despite its many shortcomings, such as the lack of basic eShop features, the Nintendo Switch shipped 2.74 million copies worldwide in March, well over Nintendo’s initial projected sales. They thought that the console would sell two million units. No doubt, the release and high praise of Zelda: Breath of the Wild had a huge effect on the numbers.

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