Prey Grant Lockwood Location - Disgruntled Employee Optional Objective

Disgruntled Employee is a side quest in Prey. It involves finding Grant Lockwood, a former employee who missed his shuttle to Earth. There are several steps to this quest – most are pretty straightforward, but the game doesn’t tell you about the most important one at all. In this guide, we’re going to show you Prey Grant Lockwood location, so you can finish the Disgruntled Employee optional objective.

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prey grant lockwood location disgruntled employee optional objective

Where to find Grant Lockwood

In order to find Grant, you’ll first have to go to Deep Storage. Get to the command center, on level 2. When you’ve dealt with the thermal phantom and the mimics, use the computer left from Danielle Sho’s workstation. It will allow you to activate Grant’s tracking bracelet. Enter the number 1129 (it’s written in the quest description).

Now comes the important part. In order to actually find grant, you’ll need to track him through a security station. Luckily, there’s one on the first floor of Deep Storage. Open the crew tab and find his name in the Cargo Bay section. Once you click on it, you’ll get a quest marker leading to his body.

You can see from the security station that he’s dead, and that he’s outside the station. Go into space, and the marker will lead you directly to him. Your chances of finding him without the marker are next to nothing, so don’t even try it. We found him floating near the shuttle, in the zone outside the magnetosphere – the radiation’s heavy there, so try not to linger.

When you find him, you’ll complete the Disgruntled Employee quest, and get some nice stuff. We got a burnt service board, spare parts and a fancy chipset from his body, as well as a silenced pistol and a neuromod from his briefcase. Nothing beats grave robbing in space.

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